Today in a Bloggernacle: The church marriage print that went viral

Bible Video: ?I am a light of a world? and ?the law shall set we free? are dual oft-quoted scriptures featured in this newest Bible video wherein Jesus strenuously declares his lineage. Click in to watch, afterwards click a few some-more times to share with your family and friends.

Wedding photo: ?My Mormon Wedding Went Viral, and we Think a Pope Attended.? How?s that for an intriguing blog title. I?ll let her tell many of a story, though usually to give we a tease, this blogger found her marriage print being used on a Spanish blog and afterwards ?With a small some-more digging and browsing around, we found out this print has been ?liked? and/or ?shared? hundreds of times opposite a really far-reaching spectrum of tellurian Facebook pages (primarily in Spanish, during this point). One can usually theory how many other versions are floating around a world. ?!? How does a Pope figure in, click in to find out.

Halloween FHE: I suspicion this thought for going over some ?Halloween Safety? manners and reminders during family home dusk would be a good approach to ready for a holiday. And maybe we could incorporate this blogger?s “Friend”tip about ?Handling Fears Effectively.? Check behind Tuesday for an whole mainstay clinging to Halloween crafts, costumes, and foods.

Bible Video: ‘I am a Light of a World’

In this Bible Video, Jesus declares that he is a Son of God, and that whoever will welcome his gospel can be liberated from sin. See for others from this series.

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