25 DIY Wedding Ideas from Reclaimed and Eco-Friendly Materials

The marriage attention is huge, wasteful, and expensive, though these DIY marriage ideas use reclaimed materials and a small bit of handmade adore to save we income and preserve resources!

Weddings can cost in a tens of thousands of dollars easily, and they use a crazy volume of resources. From centerpieces and a spousal fragrance to your dress and veil, there are lots of ways to opt out of a some-more consumerist side of a marriage industry. Plus, when we make some – or all! – of your marriage accoutrements by hand, you’re putting some-more of yourself into this super special day.

I will contend this about DIY marriage ideas: when you’re creation things by hand, we need to concede some-more time. You also might wish to enroll your friends and family to assistance you.

One integrate we know wanted 1000 origami paper cranes during their wedding, though they didn’t overlay all 1000 on their own. We all pitched in. we substantially done 100-150 cranes for them. Her sister done 200+, and we weren’t a usually ones pitching in.

Getting friends and family concerned in some of your DIY marriage ideas is something we should proceed thoughtfully. Folks are mostly fervent to help, though make certain it’s fun for them. Plan some marriage crafternoons or qualification nights, where we yield snacks and drinks. Choose some good song or a movie. Those crafting sessions turn partial of a memories compared with your DIY wedding.

You also shouldn’t feel like this is an all or zero situation. Maybe we use some of a DIY marriage ideas for cut flower replacements below, though we don’t have a time to make boutonnieres or your possess bouquet. That’s OK! Do what we can – each bit helps, and during a finish of a day your marriage is about we and your spouse-to-be starting a life together. Have fun, and happy crafting!

Planning an outside wedding? These elementary mason jar lanterns are easy to make and demeanour poetic wink adult in a trees!


25 DIY Wedding Ideas

Hanging Decorations

Hanging decorations supplement some caprice to your DIY marriage on a cheap!

1. Mason Jar Lanterns

2. Paper Heart Garland

3. Upcycled Heart Streamers

4. Fabric Scrap Bunting – Fun fact: my friends Kip and Brian formed their marriage taste around this bunting that we done as a housewarming present for them!

5. Water Bottle Chandelier

Bouquet Boutonniere Ideas

Forget cut flowers and a outrageous CO and insecticide footprints that come with them. Try these upcycled ideas instead!

6. Button and Bead Bouquet – select selected beads and buttons instead of new!

7. Newspaper Bouquet

8. Paper Flower Boutonniere

9. Succulent Boutonniere

10. Vintage Brooch Bouquet

Wedding Dress Inspiration

Thrift shops mostly have aged marriage dresses that can be super lovable with a small bit of adore from your sewing machine. Sometimes we can even emanate your possess DIY marriage dress from astonishing preservation store finds. Here’s some inspiration!

11. T-Shirt Wedding Dress

12. 70s Gown to Modern Style

13. 1940s Dress Goes Mod (and becomes purses!)

14. Another shabby 70s robe goes modern.

15. Hand-Painted Upcycled Gown


The ideal centerpiece finishes off your marriage tablescape. Check out these DIY marriage ideas for offbeat centerpieces done from reclaimed materials!

16. Fallen Branch Centerpieces

17.  Recycled Plastic Container Centerpieces – You won’t trust how beautiful these are!

18. Vintage Lace Doily Candle Holders

19. Branch and Paper Heart Centerpieces

20. Chalkboard Mason Jars


Wedding favors can be cheesy. They’re also mostly done from cosmetic that ends adult in a landfill. These favors are ones your guest will delight prolonged after your marriage is over!

21. Seed Packet Wedding Favors

22. Handmade Soy Candles

23. Homemade Vanilla Extract

24. Pretty Preserves

25. Tin Can Plants

Are we doing (or did we do) anything cunning for your wedding? I’d adore to hear your DIY marriage ideas in a comments!

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